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Total number of packages: 26

Package Description
armcord A custom client designed to enhance your Discord experience while keeping everything lightweight.
bluetooth-spmenu Bluetoothctl frontend using spmenu
clipmenu-spmenu Clipboard management using spmenu
dfmpeg-spmenu ffmpeg/wf-recorder wrapper for spmenu
electron26 Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies - binary version 26
emoji-spmenu Emoji picker for spmenu
feishin Rewrite of Sonixd
fontctrl Minimal font manager for GNU/Linux
htop-vim Interactive process viewer with a Vim keybindings patch
libspeedwm Simple speedwm utility useful for interacting with speedwm signals. Written in C.
mutt-wizard Easily auto-configure neomutt and isync/mpop with safe passwords (IMAP/POP3/SMTP)
nsxiv Neo (or New or Not) Simple (or Small or Suckless) X Image Viewer
pass-spmenu passmenu replacement for spmenu with support for generating and removing passwords
screenshot-spmenu Screenshot utility for X11 and Wayland using spmenu
slock-spde speedie's fork of slock
speedwm speedie's fork of suckless's dynamic window manager
speedwm-extras Extra scripts for speedwm
spek An acoustic spectrum analyser
spmenu Fancy dynamic menu for X11 and Wayland, compatible with dmenu!
spmenuify Theme manager for spmenu
st-spde speedie's fork of st with .Xresources, pywal, alpha, and more.
ungoogled-chromium A lightweight approach to removing Google web service dependency
vifmimg Image previews using Ɯberzug for vifm
wayshot Screenshot tool for wlroots compositors